PGA Policy on running Tournaments during the Coronavirus outbreak

This document provides new policy for staff when running PGA Tournaments during the coronavirus outbreak. The guidelines are designed to avoid cross contamination through reducing social gathering/maximising social distancing and demonstrating optimal infection control measures

Clubhouse and Facilities

  • Closure of all but essential use of the clubhouse, i.e. allow access to toilet facilities only.
  • Allow changing of shoes in car park.
  • Locker room should be closed to avoid players being in close proximity to each other.
  • Closure of any driving ranges to avoid cross contamination with practice balls range baskets.
  • Closure of practice putting green to assist with social distancing.
  • Availability of hand sanitisers throughout any facilities that remain open (starting tee, toilets, tournament van, by any doorways etc)
  • Airline for cleaning shoes following the round should be closed
  • Staff to regularly disinfect surfaces of the tournament van or areas where staff are working out of and any contact points (several times a day) – See Cleaning Rota.
  • If not using the tournament van, find a suitable location either away from the clubhouse or an area of the clubhouse rarely used to work out of (outside if weather dependant). Use dongles for internet access if required.

Tee Times

  • Avoid shotgun starts
  • For pro only events, consider reducing the group size by playing in two balls (as opposed to 3) should this be possible with host golf club.
  • Increase the starting gap of all groups to a minimum of 12 minute intervals or more where possible.

Starting and Branding

  • No starter on the tee. Players to commence play themselves at allotted time.
  • Pin sheets and local rules to be emailed out to players
  • Starters brief in paper format to be placed on the tee
  • Scorecards to be left in a box on the tee
  • No branding except for a clock for starting tee to minimise players and staff touching equipment
  • No leaderboards to avoid regular touching of numbers/name strips.

The Tour will be implementing these practises to ensure the safety of both yourselves, your fellow players and staff. It is essential that events are done so in a responsible and safe way and that the government advice and policy are adhered to at all times. Players will be required to comply with the rules on social distancing throughout.


  • Common courtesies, handshakes and other embraces associated with the etiquette of the game, should be avoided.
  • No prize presentations
  • No Registration desk – Instead there is a function on BlueGolf where the pros can click a button to register on their phone.
  • Restrict any spectators/family members from attending the tournament.
  • Adopt model local rule H1 and prohibit any caddies from being used.


  • Box to be placed near 18th green for scorecards to be submitted rather than an official recording area. This would be the point at which the scorecard is officially deemed returned.
  • Staff to use disposable PPE gloves to handle scorecards for input into BlueGolf.
  • Note: Currently exploring the possibility of utilising electronic scoring through BlueGolf whilst complying with the Rules of Golf

On the Course

  • Any drinking fountains, ball cleaners to be taken out of play by course greenkeeping staff
  • No divot bags provided
  • Insist on social distancing throughout the course including on the teeing grounds and putting greens.
  • Recommend that flagsticks are always left in the hole and not removed or tended.
  • Recommend that for players that can’t contribute to the team score on any given hole, that they do not hole out and instead pick up (as well as improving pace of play!)
  • Rakes should be removed and players advised to rake bunkers with their club or feet as best as possible.
  • Restrict use of buggies to only 1 person.


  • As players should be advised to avoid the tournament van, any notices should be emailed out as opposed to printed on paper.


  • The age profile of team members must be borne in mind. We must also consider their recent travel history. It is recommended to have a number of reserves in place of both amateurs and pros in the event of teams or team members withdrawing from the event due to ill health or health concerns.
  • Refunds on entry fee are to be provided for anyone withdrawing due to being affected by Coronavirus (contracted/self-isolating/at risk category/aged 70+). No medical documentation will be required, a phone call followed by an email from the player to confirm their withdrawal and the reasons.