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The Thomson Tour is BACK!!   We are happy to announce that for the 35th year the tour returns this winter.   We have been busy trying to confirm venues, so we’ve left things as late as possible but the wait is over!!   It is now less than 4 weeks until our first event which will be on FRIDAY 18th October at Whipsnade Park Golf Club. Membership Applications are NOW open.   We have made a few changes to the Tour for this winter; – The Trainees prize has gone due to the PGA’s continued reluctance to allow us to sign playing ability cards. All entry fees will go into one main prixefund. – We have also increased tournament ...

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The Thomson Tour Order of Merit after East Herts January 2019 Position Player Total Points 1 Rob Watson 495 2 Joe Brooks 490 Paul Maddy 490 4 Jack Slater 485 5 Nathan Day 475 6 Harry Gillespie 410 James Watts 410 8 Glen Portelli 400 9 James Jankowski 395 10 Thomas Hatton 335 11 tomasz Anderson 330 12 Darren Close 310 Jason Churchley 310 14 Jack Hawksby 300 15 John Fleming 285 16 Lewis Atkinson 280 Michael Moore 280 18 Harry Casey 275 James Ruebotham 275 20 Ben Storey 260 21 Matt Stables 255 22 Andy Orr 250 Henry Leo 250 Mike Murphy 250 25 Don Brennan 245 Thomas Mead 245 27 Alex Rose 235 Sean Carter 235 29 Dale ...

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Unfortunately due to their winter renovation work and further unscheduled works being carried out next week to the course one or two greens will be out of play completely and so Millbrook has had to cancel our next event on the 22nd of October. But we are delighted to announce that we have been able to relocate the event and The Thomson Tour will be returning to the beautiful Palmerston golf course at The Melbourne Club at Brocket Hall for the first time in over 10 years. We’d like to thank Alex Davies and Michael Longshaw for welcoming us back and for organising everything at such short notice and we are sure you all will very much enjoy the golf ...

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