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The Thomson Tour is BACK!!   We are happy to announce that for the 35th year the tour returns this winter.   We have been busy trying to confirm venues, so we’ve left things as late as possible but the wait is over!!   It is now less than 4 weeks until our first event which will be on FRIDAY 18th October at Whipsnade Park Golf Club. Membership Applications are NOW open.   We have made a few changes to the Tour for this winter; – The Trainees prize has gone due to the PGA’s continued reluctance to allow us to sign playing ability cards. All entry fees will go into one main prixefund. – We have also increased tournament ...

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POLICY AMENDMENT 22.09.17 Through no fault of our own, The PGA in their wisdom have decided to take away our ability to sign trainees playing record cards. We have tried to plead our case and the history of The Thomson Tour but unfortunately it has fallen on deaf ears. The Tour will still try to encourage Trainees to play giving them winter golf opportunities but we will no longer be able to sign playing record cards. Signed Tour Director

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